The Montessori method has a stimulating effect on children's development


Montessori training is an education and upbringing approach. It was developed by the Italian doctor and pedagogue Maria Montessori.

The training start at a very young age and can last until 18 years old. This method aims to build independent and active individuals, who are able to face the challenge in life. The perception and assimilation of knowledge through play and without tension is the Montessori training approach.

The pace of learning is individual for each child and the groups are not divided by age.

The method helps for self-knowledge and arouse interest in the world

Self-knowledge is one of the basic principles in this method. This method arouses their curiosity, they become active and proactive, educate interested and responsible individuals. The child only begins to be interested and seek knowledge by gaining experience in the best possible way. The method stimulates physical, mental and emotional development of children.

The environment influencement

The situation in the Montessori kindergartens is different from that in the traditional ones. The arrangement is adapted to the conditions and needs of children, as well as to the goals for achieving the desired results in their upbringing and education. There is a spacious room with lots of natural light. The materials are natural because of the perceptions obtained by touch. The height of the furniture is consistent with the kids height. The teaching aids are toys, because the basic training principle is to learn through play. However, these are not the conventional toys that we know from shops and traditional kindergartens. These are cubes and various of figurines made of wood and other natural materials that help children to develop their skills in many aspects.

The role of teachers in the Montessori method

The teacher’s presence is discreet. The teacher is a mentor, who giving advice to children, helping them whet they face some difficulty, but not interfering with his opinion. The teacher leaves kids on their own path of knowledge. So, they can absorb the information at their own pace, without stress and anxiety. And when it comes to stress, it is good to highlight that traditional students evaluation with marks is not involved in the Montessori approach. Therefore, the voltage from the exams is also missing.