Mindfulness practices for harmony between body and soul

Mindfulness is a modern psychological method for achieving a balance between body and mind. Its application aims to reduce pain and deal with stress, fatigue, anxiety, internal tension and depression. It is also used to improve sleep.

This method is effective in eliminating bad habits or building useful ones. The mindfulness is used as part of a diet or exercise regimen, because the method is effective for appetite regulation.


The benefits of mindfulness activities

Practicing this method helps in the business. Due to mindfulness the managers are able to understand and evaluate any situation easily and more objectively. By improving subjective perceptions, you achieve greater concentration onto feelings and experiences. The key is to focus on your inner feelings and emotions in the present moment. This allows you to assess the condition and to recognise of the errors of your behaiviour. Thanks to mindfulness, a person begins to understand its own motives for specific actions and deeds. It is extremely important because it helps the person to accept itself more easily. As a result, the person becomes calmer, confident and happier.

The techniques, mechanisms and exercises used in the mindfulness

The method has techniques and exercises that allow you to achieve inner harmony. Breathing comes first. Focusing on breathing, this allows you to be aware of the process. Another very important exercise is the observation. The person’s attention is just focused on some object without analyzaition or evaluation. The conscious observation helps the brain and the body to calm down.

The realized gratitude is the next effective mechanism used by this method. The diary keeping where every single day you have to describing at least three good things that happened during the today is very appropriate for the occasion. This technique has a beneficial effect on the mood of the brain.

Focusing on the senses such as hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch is strongly recommended by the mindfulness professionals. The awareness of the physical discomfort is the next powerful mechanism. It is based on the notion that if you allow yourself to focus on the pain in a certain way, the pain will become more bearable. Finally, observing your reactions both body and thoughts responses without any judgment or evaluation is the most important that the mindfulness approach provide you.